Makia produces easily approachable clothing to stand the test of time, equally in quality and over trends. We thrive for making our designs as usable and functional as possible, to become a part of our customer's everyday life. No-nonsense clothing that you won't want to throw away.


Our products are manufactured in Turkey, China, Bulgaria,
Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. Turkey is our main source
of production. They supply our knitted goods, shirts and trousers. Most of the jackets and bags are made in China. Small, high
quality factories make our shoes and socks in North Portugal.

Our Merino knits are made from high quality Italian yarns in small Bulgarian knit factories Villawool hand makes our collaboration Calypso Caps in Kuressaari, Estonia. In Lithuania and Finland we produce high quality woolen accessories. In addition, we collaborate with pure waste on a wide range of labeled products manufactured from 100% recycled textile materials, that would otherwise go to waste.


For better transparency of our production, all of our garments
are labeled with the country of origin. The country of origin is the country where the final form of the product is given. The factories
we manufacture in have all signed Makia’s code of conduct that is based on the BCSI guidelines, as well as
ILO and UN human rights regulations. All of our garments comply to the European Union REACH regulations. Make sure to follow the instructions in the care labels to make your products last as long as possible.

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